Giving Thanks —Happy Thanksgiving

November 2015

My first experience of Thanksgiving in the USA was in 1988. At that time I was living in New York and I was creating a Sand Mandala at the Museum of Natural History. My sponsor was Barry Bryant and we had a major challenge in that I did not speak hardly any English and Barry did not speak Tibetan or Hindi. So we often had to find a Tibetan in Manhattan who could translate for us. With time I tried to learn a little English and Barry found me a teacher. Her name was Joanna. When Thanksgiving came, my English teacher took me to Oregon to join her family for Thanksgiving. Not knowing what Thanksgiving meant, I saw the family coming together to have a lovely meal. I felt tremendous joy seeing this beautiful gathering and feeling the welcoming of the family to their home. On the one hand, I was very joyful to see this family reunion, but on the other hand I really missed my own parents.

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I never imagined ...

May 2013

Sometime this year I will turn sixty years of age. I am either already sixty or will turn sixty sometime soon. The truth is, I don't know for sure exactly when my birthday is. Regardless, I cannot believe I will turn 60 this year. When I look in the mirror I see an older man's face looking back at me, but inside I feel that I am still 18. When I lead retreats and give teachings, I often talk about life like the quarters of a football game; childhood is first quarter, youth and young adulthood as second quarter, and so on. I cannot believe that I am heading for overtime! My friends who are football fans tell me that overtime is the most exciting part of the game.

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Seasons Greetings to Everyone

December 2012

We are almost finished the year 2012 and there have been many predictions told about this year, so we all hope and pray that no major tragedies will happen this year or any year in the future. And we can also pray that a beautiful and joyful year will come for all of us in 2013.

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In Search of the "I"

September 2012

Shakyamuni Buddha taught so many teachings during his lifetime on the subject of emptiness and interdependence. Since then many Buddhist scholars in India, Tibet and around the world have written many books about the self and the "I" ... examining where the "I" is located and how we can find the "I". Many meditators in caves high in the Himalayas, as well as scientists in modern laboratories have spent years and years researching the concept of the "I". In all of the religions on the earth, the concept of the self and the ego is such an important subject and they each have many methods to investigate where the "I" originates. They ask questions such as who created the self and does the "I" have a past or a future. In some religions the "I" is not created by a Creator and is a continuous flow of consciousness that progresses towards enlightenment. In other religions, the "I" is created by God or the Creator, and is precious because it is a reflection of God. Scholars in the past have researched the "I" extensively, and continue to research the concept of the "I" and likely will long into the future.

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Dealing with Loss

April 2012

Today is Easter Sunday, and I am sitting on my cushion looking at my altar and thinking of the great Master Jesus and his Teachings which have helped so many people in the past, as well as the present and in the future. As I look out my window at the city of Philadelphia I see the weather is so beautiful, the sky is so blue, and the Delaware River looks so calm. Along the banks of the river, people are walking, biking, and jogging. The flowers are blooming and the leaves have come out on the trees, which are such a lovely green. Looking out my window, everything appears very pleasant and peaceful. Yet, inside of myself there is an awareness that everyone is going through their own challenges and dealing with any number of problems. I am sure that although people appear to be peaceful as they walk around, they may be dealing with their own grief and loss. So although we may appear happy on the surface, we can be dealing with various issues on the inside. As I walked down the street to my class today, no one may have known that I am dealing with my own process of grieving.

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Message from Losang

March 2012

A number of friends and students ask me to write messages and stories, because they say they find them helpful. Therefore I thought I would take some time to write some stories to share with you, and I will begin by sharing some of my experiences on my recent trip to Reno, as well as a couple of anecdotes. I hope you find them helpful. I would also like to express my deep thanks to Lori for helping me to write my stories so that I can share them with my friends.

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Holiday Greetings from Losang

December 2011

We are all once again busy preparing for the holiday season and the New Year. Last year we did the same thing about this time and now the year 2011 will soon come to an end. Time truly goes so fast!

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Message from Losang

October 2010

When I was young, I thought Canada meant a lot of mountains, because that is what I saw in documentaries about Canada when I was in India as a child. But being here in Canada again this year I see that there are diverse landscapes: mountains, prairies, and lakes. Every time I come to the prairies (Saskatchewan and Manitoba), I see that the sky is so big and blue - it reminds me of the infinite quality of the Nature of the Mind. And as we drive past many beautiful lakes, I find it difficult to leave each one and I have to remind myself I am just a visitor. And there are many people who live in beautiful homes around these lakes, and then I remind myself that­ they are just visiting too. Eventually, we will all leave this temporary home and then we return, only to leave again.

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December 2009

Dear Friends,
This time of the year is the season for celebration and to think about gathering with our family and loved ones. Everyone is busy buying gifts to give to one another. For me from Thanksgiving to New Years is a wonderful time of year, when people decorate their homes with colourful lights and beautiful candles. Two years ago I was driving through Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at this time of year and as I passed through the town, it looked so beautiful that I prayed that everyone has this kind of beauty also within their homes and within themselves.

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