Upcoming Events

Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia
915 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Teaching and Meditation every Sunday starting at 10 am to 12 noon Eastern Time. Sunday classes are available on live webcast through the Tibetan Buddhist Center website. Thursdays: whenever Losang is in Philadelphia he will lead a Tara teaching and meditation at the Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia. Each Monday in Philadelphia there is an evening practice group where the topic is Dzogchen and Padmasambhava Guru Yoga.


July 2015

July 23 / Santa Barbara, CA—Silent meditation followed by Water Purification Ceremony 3 pm: A cleansing ceremony which benefits each individual's physical, mental, and spiritual healing. For more information, contact Pat at 505.577.5124.

July 27 / Chico, CA—Green Tara Meditation 7 pm.

July 28 / Chico, CA—Palden Lhamo Tea Ceremony 7 pm.

July 29 / Chico, CA—Water Purification Ceremony @ 7 pm. Location for all Chico events will take place at the home of Jan Owen. For more information, contact Bejay Moore at 530.894.2129 or by email: Bejaymoore@sbcglobal.net.


August 2015

August 6 / Truckee, CA—Nepal Earthquake Benefit @ 4 pm. Prayer and meditation lead by Losang Samten. For more information, contact Art Obsessions at 530.308.5053.

August 7 / Truckee, CA—Meditation Instruction for Use in Daily Life / and A Look Behind the Scenes on the Making of the Movie Kundun 6:30 pm-8:30 pm: For more information, contact For Goodness Sake at 530.550.8981 or by email: info@goodnesssake.org.

August 8 / Incline Village, NV—Cultivating Supreme Wisdom through Manjushri 3 pm-5 pm.For more information, contact Toni Neubauer at 775.832.5454 or by email: toni@mythsandmountains.com.

August 9 / Incline Village, NV—Dorje Namjum Purification Ceremony 3 pm-5 pm at Porten's Residence. For more information, contact Nancy at 775.831.0219 or by email: nancyporten@gmail.com.

August 10 / South Lake Tahoe, CA—The Six Perfections - Cultivating the Altruistic Attitude of Bodhicitta 6:30 pm-8:30 pm at Dolan Residence. For more information, contact Carolyn at 530.613.0335 or by email: carolynnjdolan@gmail.com

August 14 / Truckee, CA—Vajrasattva Purification Meditation 3:30 pm-5:30 pm. For more information, contact For Goodness Sake at 530.550.8981 or by email: info@goodnesssake.org.

August 14 / Truckee, CA—Eight Verses for Training the Mind 6:30 pm-8 pm. For more information, contact For Goodness Sake at 530.550.8981 or by email: info@goodnesssake.org.

August 21-27 / Flagstaff, AZ—White Tara Sand Mandala 11:00am-5:30pm daily. Closing Ceremony, 3:00pm Thursday, Aug. 27th at Temple of the Divine Mother. 4 N. San Francisco&nsp;St., Flagstaff, AZ. For information, contact Kelly McCabe at 928.386.5141 or by email: kellymccabe@me.com.

August 21 / Flagstaff, AZ—Buddhist Dance Meditation 7:00pm at Bell Garden 2708 N. 4th St. Ste. B3, Flagstaff, AZ 86004. For information on Bell Garden events, contact Melissa Giovale at 928.699.3471 or by email: melissa@bell-garden.org.

August 22 / Flagstaff, AZ—Meditation Introduction 7:00pm at Bell Garden.

August 25 / Flagstaff, AZ—Tara Meditation Practice 7:00pm at Bell Garden.

August 27 / Flagstaff, AZ—Making the Movie Kundun 7:00pm at Bell Garden.


September 2015

September 15 / Kenora, ON—Evening Tara Meditation

September 16 / Kenora, ON—Slide Show to benefit homeless shelters. For more information on both events in Kenora, please contact Sam and Deb: deborah.ramsay108@gmail.com.

September 17 / Winnipeg, MB—Winnipeg Annual Meditation Retreat. Thursday evening Tara meditation. Weekend retreat at St. Benedict's Retreat and Conference Center. Topic: Dzogchen. For information, please contact Heather and Jo: hkolisny@wcb.mb.ca.


October 2015

October 4 / Philadelphia, PA—One-day retreat at Ken and Marjon's home. Topic: Eight Verses for Training the Mind. For information please contact Ken and Marjon: kenklein6@comcast.net.